The Catholic Church in Bed with the Nazis The Catholic Church in Bed with the Nazis Reich Catholic bishop Ludwig Muller and Nazis 183592923 Catholic Freidrich Coch and Nazis 183592829 Catholic archbishop Stepinac and papal nuncio Marcone with Nazi General 183592830 Hitler and Catholic papal nuncio 183592831 Catholic Hitler with Catholic reich bishop Muller 183592832 Hitler with Catholic archbishop 183592833 Hitler with Catholic nun 183592834 Catholic priest Jozef Tiso and Hitler 183592835 Catholic archbishop Stepinac with Nazi Ante Pavelic, head of the Ustashi in Croatia 183593143 Nazi puppet Ante Pavelic with Catholic Franciscan monks 183593144 Catholic archbishop Stepinac with Ustashi Nazis 183593145 Nazi Ante Pavelic and Catholic nuns 183593146 Hitler and Catholic Ante Pavelic, Nazi puppet ruler of Croatia 183593147 Reich Catholic bishop Muller and Nazis 183593148 Picture of Nazi Catholic priests from AIZ Magazine, 1934 183593302 Spanish Catholic hierarchy and Nazis 183593303 Nazi Brown Shirts attending Catholic church 183593304 Catholic cardinal Faulhaber marching with Nazis 183593306 Catholic priests and Nazis salute Hitler 183593337 Catholic cardinal Bertram and Nazis 183593338 Catholic priests salute Hitler 183593339 Investiture of Ludwig Muller as Reich church bishop 183593340 Catholic clergy saluting Hitler 183593341 Hitler and Catholic papal nuncio archbishop Orsenigo 183593325