The Jesuits

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The Catholic-Jesuit Plot for World Domination

The entire New World Order agenda is directed by the Jesuits at the very top. While it is true that there are numerous offshoots in the Illuminati hierarchy - such as the Knights of Malta, the Freemasons, the Club of Rome, etc - the Jesuit Order is at the helm. Jesuit coadjutors in the infiltrated and controlled alternative media send truth seekers on a wild-goose chase, misleading them to believe that lower-level groups like the Freemasons, the Zionists, or the international bankers are steering the New World Order reins. The reality is, that could not be further from the truth.

The Jesuits are a military order of the Roman Catholic Church. Ignatius Loyola created the Jesuit Order in 1540 in response to the Protestant Reformation. Their covert agenda is to carry out a counter-reformation that will restore temporal power to the pope of Rome (on a global scale) and usher in a new dark age via "technocratic neo-fuedalism." 

It is important to learn how to identify Jesuit symbolism in order to understand how far back their power stretches throughout history. For example, the Illuminati "all-seeing eye of Lucifer" is historically a Jesuit symbol they have adopted for centuries. That is why medieval ducat coins and Catholic cathedrals all over the world are adorned with pyramids and all-seeing eyes. Even today, Jesuit universities incorporate the all-seeing eye into their Alpha Sigma Nu honor society logo.

The Jesuit oath explicitly states that they will infiltrate and unite all governments under papal control. Click here to read a copy of the Jesuit Oath of Induction recorded in the Journals of the 62nd Congress, 3rd Session, of the United States Congressional Record {House Calendar No. 397; Report No. 1523; February 15, 1913; pp. 3215-3216.}

Click here to read articles published by Reuters, the New York Times, CNN, etc., about the pope calling for a "new world order."   

The Dark History of the Roman Catholic Church

*The Birth of the New World Order*

The Roman Catholic Church is not true Bible-based Christianity. It is Paganism rooted in the "mystery schools" of ancient Babylon, masquerading as Christianity. The upper echelon of the Vatican hierarchy are Gnostic Luciferians working toward 4 main goals on behalf of occult initiates: (1) transhumanism(2) "the singularity," (3) apotheosis, and (4) depopulation, while the rest of us live like slaves via Agenda 21.    

After the life and death of Jesus Christ, the gospel of Christianity began to rapidly spread. It only took a few years after Jesus' death for the Roman emperors to see the Bible and Christianity as a threat to the Roman empire.

The Emperor Nero began to exterminate Christians. In fact, the Apostle Paul was recorded to have been beheaded during the persecution of Nero. Nero had Christians dipped in tar and lit on fire to light his garden. (Some say that is where the term "Roman candle" originated.) Christians were fed alive to lions in the Roman Colosseum as thousands of onlookers cheered. This killing of Christians continued for nearly three centuries.

In 303, the Emperor Diocletian issued a royal decree that all Bibles were to be destroyed. Many Bibles were burned and many Christians were put to death. Diocletian is quoted to have said, "The [Christian] religion is destroyed and the worship of the gods restored." Obviously, he was wrong.

After the "fall" of Rome, the persecution against Christians grew even worse. The Roman Church eventually demonstrated that Rome had never really fallen and had simply been hiding behind the guise of the Roman Catholic Church. The same Roman worship of the ancient Babylonian and Samarian gods continued under different names as they attempted to merge the Babylonian religion with Christianity. But the problem with this new merger was that the Bible clearly debunked the idea of popes and the worship of Mary and the saints, etc. Thus, people who read the Bible immediately saw through the Roman Catholic Church and knew that they were deceiving people about what the Bible said in order to control them.

As a result, the Bible was banned by Pope Gregory I, also known as Gregory the Great (590-604). He banned the study of Latin and grammar, outlawed education for everyone but the clergy, forbade common people from reading the Bible, and denied distribution of the Bible in any language other than Greek and Latin. Pope Innocent III banned the translation of the Bible into French in 1199. Church Fathers attending the Council of Toulouse in 1229 decreed that no one outside of the priesthood could possess a Biblical text in Latin. They also forbade the translation of any scripture into the local language, and did not allow university text in Latin to be removed from the college. Since only male clergy could attend college, this meant that no woman could read the Bible, or learn about religion, science or philosophy. Furthermore, the Council of Terragon in 1234 issued a canon forbidding possession of the Bible in any Romance language. The penalty of breaking these new rules was death at the stake.

In 1559, the Vatican's Index of Prohibited Books reiterated the ban on Bible translations, and warned that anyone who possessed a copy could not be forgiven of his sins until relinquishing it. In 1713, Pope Clement XI condemned all layman who read the Bible or any other form of holy scripture. Clement made this pronouncement as "revealed truth" in the apostolic tradition, claiming it came from the Holy Spirit. In 1794, Pope Pius VI overturned the Synod of Pistoia's ruling that sacred scriptures must be read, condemning it as error. In 1824, Pope Leo XII condemned the spread of Bible societies (which were promoting translated Bible reading), warning that such Bibles were "a gospel of the devil." Pope Pius VIII in 1829 sustained the ban on reading translated Bibles because they contained "lethal poison." In 1844, Pope Gregory XVI condemned reading Bibles "in secret gatherings" and termed those who distributed such Bibles as "heretics." In 1866, Pope Pius XI declared Bible societies "pests" and "secret sects who have come forth from the darkness to destroy and desolate both the sacred and civil commonwealth." 

Pope Leo XIII in 1893 declared that only the Roman Catholic Church could interpret Bible passages. He also prohibited non-Catholic Bibles in 1893. In 1918, the Church's Code of Canon Law warned that without Vatican approval, it was illegal to publish books on "sacred scripture, theology, Church history, canon law, natural theology, ethics, sciences of religion and morals, prayer books, devotional books and religious teachings." Even as recently as 1983, the Church's Code of Canon Law reiterated that books of scared scripture could not be published without Vatican approval. 

A number of intellectuals in the Middle Ages who dared to translate the Bible in their native languages were persecuted or executed by the Catholic Church. They included Antonio Brucioli (Italian), Francisco Enzinas (Spanish), William Tyndale (English), and John Wycliffe (English). This avenue of mind control was stripped from the Church by the invention of the printing press and the Reformation in the mid-16th Century, which helped make the Bible more available for the common people in their native languages. Nevertheless the repression continued: in Spain in 1521, all the Lutheran Bibles were ordered delivered to the Inquisition, and after 1558, all copies of the Bible in Spanish were seized and burned.  

Prior to the 15th Century, most people could not read the Bible, and they heard only what Biblical passages their local priest chose to read to them. According to Prof. Richard H. Drummond, professor emeritus of Comparative Religions at the University of Dubuque Theological Seminary in Iowa: 

"Actually, over the long centuries of church history until the invention of movable type by Johannes Gutenberg, most Christian believers did not have access to a copy of the Bible. In the great majority of parishes the single Bible available was chained to the pulpit, and most persons could not read it even if they were allowed to see it. Throughout Western Europe the Latin version of the Scriptures was the only version available. For some centuries - say from about 500 AD to the appearance of the first English translation of the Vulgate between 1382 and 1384 - the only Bible knowledge gained by the great majority of Western Christians was from selected Bible passages read from the pulpit in Latin.

"The point is that over most of the history of the Christian church the great majority of believers heard only, at best, the selection of Bible passages from lectionaries. This is not to mention that from about the 6th Century to the 13th Century, the preaching of sermons was entirely neglected in many churches in Western Europe." 

The Catholic Church, which has declared itself the sole authority to interpret the Bible at the Council of Trent (1545-1563), went so far in its effort to keep the Bible out of the hands of the common people that it removed the Bible as an active source of spiritual instruction from its members. This control is still in effect today, for Catholics are still not encouraged to read the Bible. Instead, followers are provided catechisms that present what the Church wants its members to know, and how it wants them to understand it. Parishioners receive select interpretations of specific Bible passages during Sunday homilies. The issue of Bible usage and scripture interpretation was one of the major arguments of the Reformation, which prompted the Protestant movement to break away from the Roman Catholic Church.

Notice the deliberate dumbing down of Americans to protect those in power. The origin and history of Roman Catholicism are not taught in the public "education" system. Therefore, many people are unaware of the sadistic past and Pagan roots of the Catholic faith. They call these truths "conspiracy theories" or "anti-Catholic propaganda," despite that everything in the aforementioned summary can be easily verified as a matter of historical record if naysayers would take the time to investigate this information for themselves. 

Catholic Persecution Against Bible-believing Christians 

One thing you will never hear from the so-called "teachers" in the Truth Movement is that the Catholic inquisitions were perpetrated against Bible-believing Christians. Christians were tortured in the most ridiculously brutal ways to force them to renounce the Bible. They were often burned alive with a copy of the Bible that they illegally owned

Pope Innocent III reigned from 1198 to 1216. During his rule, he upheld the ban on Bible translations and Bible ownership. He also preached the first crusade against the Albigensians who were Bible-believing Christians that would not submit to the pope. They did not believe the pope had authority over the church worldwide. Therefore, Pope Innocent proclaimed that any man or woman who killed the Albigensians would be pardoned and forgiven of all their sins without passing through purgatory.

This marked the beginning of inquisition against true Christians. All Christians who would not submit to the pope were branded as "heretics." Soon after, the Jesuit Order was created to serve as a military arm of the pope. The Jesuit Oath of Induction pledged to wage war against all "heretics" and reclaim despotic power for the pope of Rome.

Whole villages and towns were indiscriminately butchered in their sleep. Thousands of these men and women were burned alive at the stake, while others were subjected to the most hideous torture.

The popes of Rome claim to be the "Vicar of Jesus Christ" on earth. In reality, they have been some of the most wicked and sadistic rulers throughout history.    

Fast forward to the present-day, Christians were eventually able to break free from the tyranny of the Roman Catholic Church as a result of the Protestant Reformation. Protestant Christians went on to establish prosperous First World nations, with governments and judicial systems based on Biblical principles and the inalienable God-given right to live freely. Protestants also created capitalism through something sociologists call the "Protestant work ethic," which created a middle-class and gave rise to the most prosperous superpower (USA), standard of living, and individual freedoms that mankind has ever known.

Now, however, the Jesuit Order has successfully infiltrated and sabotaged every First World Protestant nation by incrementally reducing them to godlessness, hedonism, communism, and encroaching dictatorial subjugation.    

All of this is being done to bring the "heretics" back under papal control, to destroy Christianity once and for all, and to reinstate the Luciferian mystery religions of ancient Babylon.

Click here to learn how the New World Order is using the New Age Movement to restore ancient Babylonian Lucifer worship. This agenda also explains their official Jesuit logo - a sun surrounding the letters I.H.S. that stand for "Isis, Horus and Seb," the Babylonian triad of Lucifer. See the symbol here.) 

Click here to watch an interview with a New World Order insider who admits their ultimate goal is to destroy Christianity.    

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